23rd Anniversary Special

A few hours ago FUJI TV‘s satellite channel aired a special documentary titled The Million Seller – Ozaki Yutaka “Junanasai no chizu”. The show focused on the making of this iconic debut album and featured an interview with Yutaka’s 26 years old son, Hiroya*, and the album producer Akira Sudo. Let’s hope the video will become available online soon! In the meantime, here’s a lovely still from the show:


(During the past two years, Hiroya Ozaki has hosted Between the Lines, a show on InterFM – one of the top radio stations in Tokyo – for which he started working in 2010. The spoken segments of Between the Lines are still available for streaming on Soundcloud. )

On a side note, pre-orders are already open for OZAKI-50, a limited box set to be released by Sony Music Shop Japan for the 50th anniversary of Yutaka’s birth. The set will include a photo album, a CD with live interviews recorded in 1984/85, original prints, and a ‘treasure book’ featuring replicas of handwritten notes, letters and concert tickets. OZAKI-50 will be exclusively available through pre-order on the official page.

7 comments on “23rd Anniversary Special

  1. Szymon says:

    Damn, 30 000 yen :( I can’t afford this one and it’s full of goodies

  2. ozakifansite says:

    It’s pricey indeed 😯
    Thankfully there are many Ozaki-related publications still available on the Japanese Amazon Marketplace and Yahoo Auctions for affordable prices (I have a mile-long wishlist :P)

  3. Szymon says:

    Yeah, my list gets longer everyday 😛 Ozaki is my favorite, but I love several other artists as well… I need to win on lottery :p

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