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Site update – 13 December 2014

I apologize for the unforgivable lateness in updating m(_ _)m For what it’s worth, I plan to post more translations by the new year… and maybe change the site layout!

Lyrics: added 3 English translated lyrics. Dance Hall, Kare – Grief, Tanjo – Birth.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the lovely trailer of HOT ROAD, featuring “Oh My Little Girl” as the main theme^_^

Site update – 20 February 2013

I’m happy to announce that the site has its own domain!!

As to the updates…
Lyrics: added 6 English translated lyrics! Machi no fukei – SCENES OF TOWN; Ai no kieta machi – LOVELESS TOWN; Freeze Moon; DRIVING ALL NIGHT; Kinryoku; Kegareta kizuna – BOND.
Photos: added 4 concert stills.
Videos: opened a Youtube channel! Click to watch “Scenes of Town – Machi no fukei” subtitled in English by yours truly.
On the Video page I’ve also linked 5 English-subtitled music clips (not made by me).

Site update – 30 December 2012

Lyrics: added 8 English translated lyrics– I Love You; Oh My Little Girl; Boku ga boku de aru tameni; Scrambling Rock’n’Roll; Sotsugyo; Rojo no Rule; Forget Me Not; Taiyo no hahen.
Photos: added 8 photos.
Info: added a very insightful fan comment.
Videos: more live and studio recordings from Youtube.

Finally, a reading suggestion for those of you who understand written Japanese:

“NOTES: Boku wo shiranai boku 1981-1992” is a 415 pages’ volume collecting Ozaki’s personal notes and diaries. Published by Shinchosha in 2012. ISBN: 978-4103322313