Privacy Policy

This is a no-profit website maintained by an amateur translator in the context of a purely personal hobby, and as such it is not a business, it is not run by an organization and it does not sell any goods or services.

Still, to comply with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation, this site has erased old comments and does not allow users to post new comments or to register onto the site. Google Analytics has been deleted as well.

The only data collected on the site are the following:

-email addresses submitted by users who subscribe to the newsletter to be alerted of website updates (it is possible to unsubscribe anytime by following the instructions included in every email sent by Tinyletter/MailChimp)

-short public messages in the Cbox at the bottom of the page.

These data are used for no purpose other than that for which they were submitted.

The plugins used on this site’s WordPress are the following:

-Cookie Law Info

-Disable Comments


-Simple Shortcodes


For further information or requests, please send an email to: [email protected]